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Eliot Delaney

Eliot Delaney Blume. Sweet baby girl! What a gift from heaven you are! Your big brother was a joy to all who knew him and when we took his pictures we thought our hearts might burst from his smile! We don’t know why he couldn’t be here today to meet you and our hearts are…

Baby Underwood

So much excitement this time of the year but a winter baby just takes it up a notch! Congratulations Jennifer and David! Enjoy this exciting time!                         

Parker Blume

We couldn’t have asked for a more cooperative baby! This little man was so charming and seriously looks like a baby doll! (We are kind of partial to bald babies. 🙂 ) Here are just a few of the many adorable shots of little Parker Blume. UPDATE: On January 21st 2014, at just ten months old,…