Kyle and Joy

A love story in Kyle and Joy’s own words…

Where does any love story begin? Some begin at a first meeting. Others develop from a deep friendship. Some start with a blind date or set up from trusted friends. And others begin by simply hearing about one another and being intrigued by the stories told by friends and colleagues. For Joy and Kyle, the love story began with a combination of all of the above

After 35 of these daily stories, Joy received a call from her sister, asking for help at a beautiful local park. As Joy arrived, her sister handed her a letter. Joy suddenly realized what the day might hold and her eyes filled with tears. She could not read the letter through her tears and asked her sister to read the letter to begin her engagement day. They took a deep breath together, as only sisters can, and started a beautiful walk through the park.

They followed the path around a corner and another surprise came running out from the trees. Joy’s mother had flown in from California to take part in this special day. Joy’s tears flowed freshly and beautifully down her face as she hugged her mother and was greeted by her other sister on FaceTime from Ecuador. The Fabry women continued down the path with the combination of laughter and tears (the kind that Kyle has learned is quite common for them in times of overwhelming emotion). Several minutes later, they arrived at a beautiful grove of trees and spotted Kyle a short walk away, waiting for his soon-to-be fiancé.

Joy took several deep breaths before running into Kyle’s arms and crying as she said, “I can’t believe this is really happening.” Kyle held her for a moment as she caught her breath (a moment that is now one of Kyle’s favorites in their entire relationship). Wiping the tears from her eyes, Kyle walked Joy over to the small place he had prepared for their special moment. He read her a final journal entry, got down on one knee, and asked Joy to marry him. She immediately said yes and brought him to his feet for a wonderful kiss. Joy extended her hand to allow him to place the ring on her finger and it was official!




Joy and Kyle, your joy is contagious and we can’t wait to photograph your wedding!