The Unplanned Moments

Today I’m breaking all the rules and sharing personal images. In October of 2015 we had 17 photo shoots. On paper and in our minds it seemed doable and we were excited about spending time with each and every one of these amazing families, most of whom we also call friends! However, it was overwhelming and drianing at times. If you know us in real life, you know that we have five children and trying to maintain working together as a husband and wife team while still being parents is really the hardest work we do. We typically don’t bring our childen along on shoots, but on the second weekend of our mini-shoots in October we just couldn’t leave the girls with a sitter one more time and decided to bring them along. After that shoot was over, the girls and I hung out in the wild, overgrown field, and the sun dropped into that perfect golden hour, and Brad kept the camera out and shot these images of me with my girls. No planned, coorinating clothing. No brushed hair. No props. Just a few minutes of breathing deeply and being together. It is just now, months later, after all our clients have their photos, that I see these images and can’t help but be amazed at the gift of it all!


Now as the snow piles up, and the temperatures drop to below freezing, we are working, and planning and praying for 2016. These photos, while deeply personal, capture what we strongly desire our photography to be. The moments. The togetherness. The freedom for imperfections to be beautiful.